Dear Partners and Friends of the Danube,

‘Stars sparkle only when, like hope, they turn in the direction of optimism’, (Monika Minder).

Optimism is both a word packed with emotion and an empowering feeling.

Planning ahead in times of Corona is not an easy undertaking and fraught with many uncertainties. We have been obliged to postpone the date of our planned meeting in Nuremberg in March. Despite being confronted daily by new travel warnings, entry regulations, flight bans and cancellations, we remain convinced that our industry lives from personal contacts, experiences and information.

We are therefore rescheduling our meeting under the motto ‘A Look Back and a Look Ahead’ to 10–12 May 2021. Our venue, Nuremberg, remains unchanged.

Cooperation inspires optimism and confidence, motivates us and gives us fresh perspectives and élan.

In the spirit of Arthur Schopenhauer who said, ‘health is not everything, but without health all is nought’, we wish you continued optimism, good health, happiness and success for the year ahead.

With our sincerest thanks for your continued confidence and cooperation,

Gerhard Skoff Marco von Dobschütz

Additional information on the conference in Nuremberg will be available starting in mid-March at: