Update 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends and Partners of the Danube,

I am pleased to provide you with an initial up-date on our upcoming conference.

Thanks very much to all who have already registered for the event. The top movers and shakers in the branch have already indicated that they will participate. Prominent lecturers have promised, or been asked to give talks. Slovakia’s minister for transport and construction, Mr Arpád Érsek, has kindly agreed to act as patron.

For all those who would like to take part in the conference, please register on our website: https://www.donautourismus.eu/registration.php.

The special rate for early bookers (EUR 260.00) is available until 14 September 2019; the deadline for the early-bird bonus for hotel reservations is also 14 September 2019.

Important information about getting to the conference venue
- If you plan to travel to the conference by air through Vienna International Airport, we will arrange transfers to and from the airport. Please provide us with your flight information. We will then send the details of your transfers. There will also be an information desk at Vienna airport in the arrivals area.
- If you are travelling to Bratislava/Samori on 1 December 2019, an entertaining, sporting evening social programme awaits: “All Nines at Nine”, a bowling contest to warm up complete with snacks and drinks.

Information on post-convention tour
The theme of our post-convention tour this year is “Slovakia: hidden places”. The tour begins on the afternoon of 4 December 2019 and ends the following day at around 4.00 p.m. at Vienna International Airport. A binding registration is required for all who would like to take part in the tour.

For more information about the post/convention tour, please visit: www.donautourismus.eu

Information for motorists
There is ample supervised parking available in the hotel area.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write or call.

Looking forward to seeing you!
With best regards from the Danube,

Gerhard Skoff