Dear Friends and Partners of the Danube,
The nature of our contemporary globalised world with its dense network of relationships becomes more apparent day by day.
Covid 19 has us firmly in its grip. Rising infection rates, travel warnings, restrictions and regulations hinder normal activities.
For all these reasons and upon consultation and in agreement with our partners we have decided to postpone the Danube Shipping and Tourism Conference planned for this coming November/December in Regensburg.
This was not a decision easily taken. However, guided by the maxim ‘better safe than sorry’ we have resolved to err on the side of caution.
As the wish to exchange views and information during the Corona crisis and in advance of the new season has been voiced by many, we are planning an extraordinary specialized conference in early February 2021 in Nuremberg or before the ITB in Berlin.
If you do not withdraw your registration for Regensburg 2020 by 31 October, it will be considered to apply to the planned conference next year. Should, however, you wish to cancel, we will of course refund your registration fee (please consult our cancellation conditions). If you prefer the latter option, please provide us with your bank account details so that we can effect the transfer.
We will keep you up to date about the current situation, venue and date of the conference.
We would like to express our appreciation for your understanding and confidence and wish you much optimism, resilience, strength and most particularly good health for the weeks and months ahead.
Details of the upcoming event in Nuremberg or Berlin will as always be avaliable on our website:
With best wishes,
Gerhard Skoff and Marco von Dobschütz-Dietl

Vienna, 12 October 2020